• 利用数据驱动分析、专有数据库和方法,进行跨商业、运营和财务规程的绩效基准测试和流程改进
  • 为机队计划和机队购买或租赁决策的所有方面提供支持,包括机身和发动机的谈判、参数开发和供应商管理
  • 制定战略和商业计划,以支持航空公司的成立,利润中心部门的分拆,如维修和工程,货物和地面处理等。

Asia-Pacific airline recovery from Coronavirus may be slower than for SARS, says Alton

By Adam Cowburn   |   文章

365bet体育Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore, February 11, 2020: The ability of Asia-Pacific airlines to recover from the disruption of the Coronavirus pandemic may be more challenging when compared to previous epidemics, owing to lower growth rates in the regional economies, says Alton Aviation Consultancy at the Singapore Airshow 2020. Coronavirus struck during a time of seasonal peak travel demand in China, with Chinese New Year significantly increasing movement to and from the region. This timing has only exacerbated the impact of the virus and there is currently no clear end to the restrictions. Adam Cowburn, managing director at Alton says: “The scale of global restrictions and flight suspensions has been faster and more significant than experienced during the SARS period in 2003, and the promise of recovery in the near-term is certainly not guaranteed. At the time of the SARS outbreak in 2003, the Chinese economy was growing close to 10.0%, cushioning the negative impact on air travel. Coronavirus comes at a time when the Chinese economy is estimated to grow at a more modest 6%, and with the aviation industry...


15 Dec 19
飞机租赁和融资咨询,   航空公司,   航空航天投资者,   航天制造商和供应商,   MRO&售后服务,   专业领域

Alton Aviation Consultancy’s Industry Altimeter 2019-2020

作者 Adam Cowburn,   Adam Guthorn,   Bradley Dailey,   Brian Rynott,   John Mowry,   Jonathan Berger,   Joshua Ng,   Laetitia Achille,   Sascha Feuerherd,365bet体育   Yuichi Takayama   |   文章

Clear skies ahead? In a special white paper authored for the Airfinance Journal’s 2019-2020 Annual, Alton Aviation Consultancy looks at the state of commercial aviation and aircraft leasing, and the outlook for the year ahead. The paper explores air traffic demand trends and drivers, aircraft supply outlook including new technology programs, and airline industry profitability. Additionally, the paper explores current dynamics in the aircraft leasing and financing markets, including a review of the mid-life and end-of-life segments. Transaction volumes are quantified and segmented with respect to new deliveries, sale-leasebacks, secondary market trading, and part-outs.


航空公司,   航空航天投资者,   航天制造商和供应商,   MRO&售后服务

2019 亚太地区 MRO 行业趋势

365bet体育 By Joshua Ng   |   介绍

365bet体育在新加坡举行的MRO亚洲会议上(由航空周刊网络主办的年度会议),Alton 航空咨询公司区域经理Joshua Ng主持了一个关于商业航空MRO的会议。报告内容包括全球飞机MRO需求和主要增长因素的数据驱动分析,并强调了亚太地区的行业趋势。


飞机租赁和融资咨询,   航空公司,   航空航天投资者,   航天制造商和供应商,   MRO&售后服务


365bet体育 By Adam Guthorn   |   介绍

365bet体育2018年5月2日-5月3日,在伦敦举行的发动机租赁、贸易和金融会议上,Alton航空咨询总监Adam Guthorn介绍了发动机机队预测和发动机租赁市场概况。Adam还主持了OEM新项目更新专家组,对影响发动机EIS的最新信息进行讨论。


飞机租赁和融资咨询,   航空公司


365bet体育 By John Mowry   |   介绍

2018年4月18日Alton航空咨询公司董事总经理John Mowry出席在东京半岛举行的《航空金融》杂志圆桌会议发表了题为“飞机的融资和投资”的演讲。他的演讲报告从航空公司、飞机出租人、发动机出租人和寿命终止专家等角度概述了发动机选择中的一些关键考虑事项。