Niche Markets and Global Growth - An Executive Spotlight with Adam Cowburn

17 Jul 19

HONG KONG (July 17, 2019) — From the Hong Kong offices of Alton Aviation Consultancy, Adam Cowburn, one of the company’s founders and Managing Directors, talks about the global growth of the business and the markets it serves.

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Adam Cowburn leads the Alton Asia-Pacific team and brings over 17 years of aviation industry experience to his engagements with a diverse range of clients, including investors, manufacturers, operators, and aftermarket service providers. He specializes in performing the complex quantitative financial analysis that enables senior executives to design effective strategies and allocate capital to minimize stakeholder risk. His engagements typically involve strategic and business planning, new business development, mergers and acquisitions, business and asset valuations, financial modelling, and geographic expansion planning.

Before joining Alton, Adam was a Managing Director at SH&E and ICF, where he led the global airline practice, as well as the aviation strategy practice in the Asia-Pacific region. Previously, he worked for a boutique consultancy in Washington D.C. where he advised the FAA on operational and regulatory issues. Adam received his MBA from Wharton and his BA from Dartmouth and began his career in investment banking at Merrill Lynch.

About Alton Aviation Consultancy

Alton Aviation Consultancy is a specialist advisory firm dedicated to serving the aviation and aerospace industries. Alton was founded by seasoned aviation industry executives who are globally recognized for their thought leadership, quantitative analytics, and innovative solution development. Clients trust the Alton Aviation Consultancy team to deliver the objective, data-driven guidance and insight required to inform their business strategies, allocate capital, prioritize resources, and manage risk.

With offices in New York, Dublin, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, and Singapore, Alton Aviation Consultancy’s engagements span the aviation and aerospace value chain to include commercial, financial and technical aspects. Typical projects include strategy and business plan development, operational performance improvement, and transaction support. Clients include airlines, manufacturers, MRO and aftermarket service providers, lessors, and the broader financial and investment community. To learn more, please visit www.marti-online.com.