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12 Feb 20

Asia-Pacific airline recovery from Coronavirus may be slower than for SARS, says Alton

365bet体育 By Adam Cowburn   |   記事

Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore, February 11, 2020: The ability of Asia-Pacific airlines to recover from the disruption of the Coronavirus pandemic may be more challenging when compared to previous epidemics,...


24 Jan 20

2020 MRO Latin America

By Jonathan Berger   |   プレゼンテーション

MRO Latin America is the premier event in the region for the commercial air transport maintenance, repair and overhaul industry, providing a world-class venue for all those involved in the...


15 Dec 19
航空機リース&ファイナンスアドバイザリ,   航空会社,   航空および航空宇宙投資家,   航空宇宙メーカー・サプライヤー,   MROとアフターマーケット,   特殊セグメント

Alton Aviation Consultancy’s Industry Altimeter 2019-2020

By Adam Cowburn,   Adam Guthorn,   Bradley Dailey,   Brian Rynott,   John Mowry,   Jonathan Berger,   Joshua Ng,   Laetitia Achille,   Sascha Feuerherd,   Yuichi Takayama   |   記事

Clear skies ahead? In a special white paper authored for the Airfinance Journal’s 2019-2020 Annual, Alton Aviation Consultancy looks at the state of commercial aviation and aircraft leasing, and the...


03 Nov 19

MRO Forecast & Industry Trends

By Jonathan Berger   |   プレゼンテーション

Jonathan Berger, Managing Director with Alton Aviation Consultancy, recently presented an assessment of the current MRO market and industry trends, together with an outlook for the industry. The Global Aircraft...


28 Oct 19
航空機リース&ファイナンスアドバイザリ,   航空および航空宇宙投資家

Fundamentals of Aircraft Leasing

By Bradley Dailey   |   プレゼンテーション

At the 20th Anniversary Airfinance Journal Asia Pacific Conference & School in Hong Kong, Alton Aviation Consultancy Director Bradley Dailey made a presentation on the Fundamentals of Aircraft Leasing. The...


24 Sep 19
航空会社,   航空および航空宇宙投資家,   航空宇宙メーカー・サプライヤー,   MROとアフターマーケット

2019 MRO Industry Trends, Asia-Pacific

By Joshua Ng   |   プレゼンテーション

At the MRO Asia conference held in Singapore, an annual conference hosted by Aviation Week Network, Alton Aviation Consultancy Regional Manager Joshua Ng led a session regarding commercial aviation MRO...


03 Sep 19
航空機リース&ファイナンスアドバイザリ,   航空および航空宇宙投資家

Aircraft Leasing Maintenance Reserves

By John Mowry   |   プレゼンテーション

At Deutsche Bank's 9th Annual Aircraft Finance & Leasing Conference, Alton Aviation Consultancy's Managing Director John Mowry provided ABS debt and equity investors with a presentation on aircraft operating leasing...


17 Jan 19

2019 Latin America MRO Industry Trends

365bet体育 By Jonathan Berger   |   プレゼンテーション

Jonathan Berger, Managing Director at Alton Aviation Consultancy, was invited to provide the industry forecast and market trends speech at the annual MRO Latin America conference, the premier event in...


15 Jan 19
航空機リース&ファイナンスアドバイザリ,   航空および航空宇宙投資家

Untangling the growing web of aircraft transactions and values

By Adam Cowburn,   Adam Guthorn,   Brian Rynott,   Isobel Fenton,   John Mowry,   Laetitia Achille   |   記事

There are many factors that influence aircraft values, but these factors can be complex. In a special white paper authored for the Airfinance Journal’s 2018-2019 Annual, Alton Aviation Consultancy authored...


07 Nov 18
航空および航空宇宙投資家,   MROとアフターマーケット

2019 Engine MRO Forecast & Industry Trends

365bet体育 By Jonathan Berger   |   プレゼンテーション

Alton Aviation Consultancy Managing Director Jonathan Berger was invited by Aviation Week to provide the keynote presentation at the annual MRO Asia Aero-Engine conference. The presentation included data-driven analysis with...


  • 15 Oct 20   2020 Airline Economics Growth Frontiers New York

    Alton Aviation Consultancy’s Managing Director John Mowry has been invited to the 2020 Airline Economics Growth Frontiers event, held at Metropolitan Club, on October 14-15, 2020. Mr. Mowry will join two panel discussions. The first panel titled “Financing & Investing in aircraft & engines in a cyclical industry” while the second is titled “Aviation ABS and the future of aviation securitizations”. John Mowry brings nearly 20 years of aviation industry experience to his global client base, including more than a decade of experience providing advisory and consulting services. Based in our New York office, John brings deep domain expertise and objective counsel across a wide range of aviation matters. John […]